Meet your photographer, Betheny

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

I have always loved photography. Do you remember those click and spin disposable cameras? I remember filling up rolls and rolls of film as a kid, taking pictures of anything and everything (mostly shrubbery). Fast-forward 15 years or so, I became a mother and like many moms, took pictures of every special moment. What started as a hobby, quickly grew into a passion and now being able to capture those special little moments for others is such an honour. A father walking his daughter down the aisle, a mom spinning her little boy through the air, a baby girl grasping at her big sister's finger... moments that make your heart ache, that make your heart sing, that make your heart happy. 

 My little family.

My little family.

Fun Facts

  • I'm the mama of a 6 year old little boy, Mason. He is the sweetest, silliest, most wonderful little person I have ever met. I'm so lucky to be his mom. 
  • We have a pug named Ruby + a cat named Callie
  • I am addicted to Tim Horton's steeped tea + Second Cup lattes.
  • Flip-flops are my favourite footwear (I HATE socks)
  • I also work at Sasktel
  • Morning silly dance parties are a regular thing in our household
  • We love to go camping
  • I have NEVER been on a plane